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In Good Standing Exploration Lands Management

Providing efficient & strategic Lands Management for the exploration and mining sector


Understand and meet your obligations while protecting your interests.

Obligations Monitoring

Proactive monitoring and reporting of all obligations and options.





Our land management specialists will help you protect your investment, make strategic business decisions and stay compliant with evolving regulation and attention to detail.

Need assistance understanding your titles, obligations and risk mitigation? In Good Standing title searches are quick and thorough. With vigilant and time sensitive reporting of obligations and options, your agreement, regulatory framework and tax obligation needs are in  expert hands. Leave it to us to ensure your land assets are kept "In Good Standing".


Our team at In Good Standing Exploration Lands Management is here to help you in support of your mine exploration land assets providing a complete range of lands management services. From acquisition through to production, we strive to maximize your exploration dollars and minimize out of pocket expenses.   

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General Support

Questions? We are a phone call away with answers and options.  

Tenure and Claim Management

Maximize your land assets and earned equity